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Acer Predator PH18-72 black screen issue

Acer Predator PH18-72 have black screen problems ?

Your screen is black, the led`s are blinking and you hear cooler noise but the screen is black ?

Then you should do this:

1. Press power button and keep it pressed untill your laptop Acer Predator PH18-72 will turn off

2. Now remove the battery and also remove all usb, memory cards for 2 min.

3. Put the battery back to his place and power up your Acer Predator PH18-72

Acer Predator PH18-72 fix HINGE

see video:

That was the easy fix.

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Still Not working ?

Now things become more complicated for you.

Acer Predator Helios 18 PH18-72

1. You need to connect your Acer Predator PH18-72 to an monitor through VGA or HDMI

If, your Acer Predator PH18-72 is working fine with external monitor, then your screen is broken and you need to go send it for repairs or to be replaced.

Acer Predator Helios 18 PH18-72

Also you can try to remove RAM slots and maybe the error can be fixed if is only an error

How to remove RAM

1. You need a screwdriver

2. Look at the back of your laptop and locate the place where the RAM modules are.

3. Unscrew it and now you will see two ram slots

4. Push from both sides to exteriors those clamps and you can remove ram slots

Let your laptop without RAM for 2 minutes and then put the RAM back and try it.

Here is an image

Acer Predator PH18-72 black screen issue - fix blank screen problem or blue screen solution

Acer Predator PH18-72 black screen fix, blank screen solution, Acer Predator PH18-72 blue screen problem, Acer Predator PH18-72 the screen is black, won`t start, won`t boot, wont turning on, won`t be able, won`t be starts, won`t charge



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Acer Predator PH18-72 fix hinge, Acer Predator PH18-72 hinge repair, Acer Predator PH18-72 hinge issue

Article created by Sorin B.

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